Marketing, PR & Advertising

Understanding the market and your place within it is a vitally important part of business success; analysing consumer trends, segmenting key demographics and understanding where and how your competitors are reaching clients are essential elements in developing a sound marketing plan.

Having a comprehensive marketing plan and a complete understanding of who, why and how your customers and your competitors are doing things is a major step towards business growth.

Key areas we provide assistance with are:

  • assess the competition and their marketing tactics;
  • assess consumer demand and break down market segments;
  • assess competitors position in the market place and their share of the market;
  • develop a brand theme and message;
  • develop a strategic marketing mix to boost consumer awareness of your company, products and services;
  • identify untapped markets and niches; and
  • develop an action plan to build trust and credibility

Fruition Business Development build this information into a workable marketing plan that you may choose to implement yourself or we can implement for you.

Other areas that we provide assistance to our clients with include;

  • negotiating advertising space with various broadcast, outdoor, print and digital platforms;
  • drafting and issuing press releases and media statements;
  • arranging press conferences and interviews; and
  • arranging media and press coverage for launches and events

A massive mistake a lot of small to medium businesses make is, they try everything when it comes to marketing and advertising. They lack a concise definition of what their market segment is and which demographics make up those segments. This is not a “method” of marketing and it can lead to financial difficulties, a lack of brand credibility and poor sales.

Another unfortunate mistake made by businesses owners is, when business or the economy takes a downturn, the first thing they usually cut is their marketing budget. While it is important to accurately monitor the effectiveness and cost of each campaign, it is important that even during tough times your brand is still reaching the right market segments with the right amount of frequency.

Just like a business plan, a marketing plan should be reviewed frequently and adjusted to suit changing marketplace needs, demands and behaviours.

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