DARE for SMB’s

For small to medium businesses, the process of developing marketing campaigns to support sales goals can be a little challenging. How do you know who is most likely to buy what you are selling? How many potential buyers are there in the marketplace? What makes you so special from competitors? How to you translate your point of difference in a way your potential buyers will understand?

Developing and delivering campaigns while building a clear and concise strategy which improves lead generation and, most importantly, lead quality can be a constant challenge. Especially when consumer behaviours and values change.

Fruition Business Development has developed a simple system to build a quick and effective strategy and implement it over four months. This strategy ensures you are optimising market opportunities and keeping your offering and message aligned with your buyers. It also ensures you aren’t wasting time or money on dead ends, or trying to sell to the wrong market segment.

DARE will improve your lead quality in FOUR MONTHS and provide you with the tools you’ll need to grow. Marketing strategy shouldn’t just be for big business. It is a key ingredient in the SMB sales process.

What is DARE?

dare for smb

  • DEFINE target market and competitors;
  • ALIGN service with target market expectations and behaviours;
  • REFINE message and position; and
  • ENGAGE and increase lead generation and quality

Fruition Business Development perform desktop research over the first month to define important elements of your sales process. We then ensure that your target market segment is going to respond to your value proposition. Once your strategy has been defined and aligned with your buyers, we then create a content and community engagement strategy. We work with you to develop content that is resonating with your buyers and refine areas that may not be meeting KPI’s.

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